Entertainment and Media Law

The firm provides legal advice, litigation services and legal models and feasibility studies for the arts, a field covering entertainment, audiovisual productions, the media and communications, technology and content, sport, the recording and publishing industry, the distribution of content, copyright, and advertising.

"... Strategic Legal Solutions for the development and implementation
of projects

It offers consulting services on business models and arts and entertainment industry practices, with a view to providing strategic legal solutions for the development and conclusion of projects.


Coordinator (s): Fausto Agra Neto

Fausto Agra Neto

  • Graduado em Direito pela Faculdade Integrada do Recife – FIR, em 2008.
  • Pós-graduado Latu Sensu em Direito Contratual pela Faculdade do Direito do Recife FDR/UFPE, em 2018.
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